Discovering Hardware

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Discovering Hardware

In order to add hardware to the WebBrix system, the hardware server(s) must be added to the Explorer. To do this, right click in the Explorer and select New and then Computer. This will open the Computer Definition window.


When the Computer Definition window first opens, the defaults are for the local computer. If the local machine isn't the hardware server, click the Select button to select the hardware server to be added.

Click OK to add the selected computer to the Explorer.


Once the hardware server computer has been added to the Explorer, hardware can be discovered or

attached to it. To do this, right click the computer and select Discover New VertX Controllers. This

will open the Install Hardware window. This window will show all VertX hardware that's available for



This window can be broke down into two sections; Hardware Found and Hardware to Install.

Hardware Found

This section will lists all VertX controllers that the WebBrix system has found. In order for the

WebBrix software to see the controller(s), the controller must be configure to point to the hardware

server and the HereIAm value must be set to something other the zero. Clicking on the controllers in

this list will show details below in the New Hardware Information section.

Hardware to Install

This section list all VertX controllers ready to be installed. To place controllers in this section select

them from the Hardware Found section and click the > button. Clicking the >> button will move all

controllers from the Hardware Found section to the Hardware to Install section. Once the

controller(s) are in the Hardware to Install section, clicking on them individually will allow changes to

the controllers Name and Time Zone.

Clicking the Install All button will start the discovery process for all controllers in the Hardware to

Install section. Highlighting a specific controller and clicking the Install/Replace One button will open

a list of existing controllers. Use this option to replace a faulty controller without having to modify

door groups and access privileges.


When WebBrix detects communication from a lockset that isn't already in the software, it is

automatically added to the System partition.

The lockset will need to be "Accepted" before it becomes functional within WebBrix. See the

Sargent AHG420 and IN120 Lockset section for information about accepting a lockset into the


Finally, every lockset is initially owned by the System partition. If you'd like to share this lockset to

another partition or change the owning partition, use the Rich Client Partition utility to set visibility

and/or ownership. Commanding Hardw