Server Requirements

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Server Requirements

A typical WebBrix installation has the following server requirements:




o1 GB minimum, 2 GB recommended for browser clients

o4 GB minimum, 8 GB+ recommended for servers                                


Available disk space

o5 GB recommended for browser clients and Windows clients

o10 GB for hardware servers

o25 GB per every 150 devices for database servers

o50 GB for automated Database backup archive



o2 GHz or faster Dual-core minimum



o1024 x 768 minimum


MS IIS (at least one web server required) with

oCommon HTTP Features

Default Document

Directory Browsing

HTTP Errors

Static Content

oApplication Development Features

.NET Extensibility 4.5


ISAPI Extensions

ISAPI Filters

WebSocket Protocol (*Optional, but recommended)


MS SQL Server 2012 or later

oMS SQL Server 2014 Express will be installed by Setup if needed


Supported Operating Systems

oWindows 7 (32bit)

oWindows 7 (64bit)

oWindows 10 Pro

oWindows 10 Enterprise

oWindows Server 2012 (64bit)

oWindows Server 2012 R2 (64bit)

oWindows Server 2016

NOTE: Home editions of Windows are not supported.



Additional requirements:

 Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (on iOS only) are supported

 NOTE: Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported

 IIS (Internet Information Services)

 MS SQL Server 2012 or later (SQL Server 2014 Express will be installed if needed)


NOTE: Additionally, the following will be installed or upgraded by setup:

 Windows Installer 4.5

 .NET Framework 4.5


If installed on a workstation operating system, IIS limits the number of concurrent requests and is not recommended in a production environment.