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The HID reader is constantly beeping.
Last Updated a year ago

The HID reader is constantly beeping.

IMPORTANT: For safety reasons, reader and hardware wiring should only be managed by licensed low voltage technicians.

If you are experiencing a continuous beep when powering up a reader, the problem may be being caused by a wiring issue. If the beeper (yellow) wire is touching another wire, it can cause a continuous, high-pitched beep. If this wire is taped and unused, make sure you did not accidentally tape it to the open connection of another wire.

If you've verified that the wiring is sound, continuous beeping may indicate a problem with the reader itself. Though rare, if there is a sudden and drastic drop in power levels, this may cause a reader to fall into a state where it beeps continuously. If this is the case, the reader will need to be inspected by a service technician, and possibly replaced.

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