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WebBrix 7.0 Release Notes
Last Updated a year ago

Major Features/Enhancements

•Support for the Assa Abloy Aperio product family of door locks, cabinet locks and server locks. More at:

•Added Aperio locks to the Hardware list report.

•A user can change a card's EncodedID or CardSetID and the card will now be updated immediately on VertX hardware.

•Added Auditing reports

•Added the ability to search Cardholders by Cardholder ID

•Can now combine multiple schedules for an unlock command rather than have to build a new one. The change also prevents conflicting and ambiguous scheduled commands.

•License grace period warnings are now included for menu warning badges.

•Added to Scheduled Commands:

oExceptions that permit additional one time unlock periods or to provide one time overrides of normal unlock times to lock instead.

oFirst Person through command to delay unlocking on schedule until a cardholder in a specified Access Level has entered.

•Enable Fail Secure has been implemented that allows a AHG420 Lockset to unlock (fail safe) or Lock (fail secure) on a failure such as a power outage.

•An AHG420 Lockset with the appropriate firmware can now be assigned 256 timezones and 10,000 users.

Bug Fixes/Tweaks

•No longer returning an error when a user makes a change that would remove the last Comm user from a lockset.

•If the EncodedID or CardSetID changes for a card assigned to a VertX reader, the card will be deleted and recreated.

•Fixed the issue where changes to a schedule would not be sent to an AHG420 Locksets

•Schedules ssigned to an AHG420 lockset scheduled command are now shown on the Scheduled Command index page.

•Better recognition when a user change will cause duplicate card issues.

•A CardHolder change for a card is now sent to the hardware.

•An unrecognized login is no longer shown to all administrators.

•The loading of the main graph on the WebBrix home page has been optimized.

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