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WebBrix 6.1 Release Notes
Last Updated 10 months ago

Major Features/Enhancements

•Support for IP Configure video with full screen playback available - works on mobile and desktop

•Also implemented "generic" video camera support

•VertX - Global APB - now officially supported

o* VertX configuration files required for global area control are now automatically configured when needed (readers participate in areas that span controllers)

•Database API expanded and documented

•Support for SQL server 2017

Bug Fixes/Tweaks

•Login/logout auditing issue resolved

•now logging failed login attempts as well

•valid login now resets the failed login attempt count

•create new card while creating new card holder now assigns the card to the card holder

•POE Locksets will default to always connected

•Replace lockset functionality added

•Serial number for locksets now read only

•paging pattern added to lockset index page

•treat as communication failure has default value for new locksets

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