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WebBrix 6.0 Release Notes
Last Updated a year ago

Major Features/Enhancements

•Visual / intuitive interface, favoring images over text wherever possible, leveraging familiarity of social media and other popular mobile applications

•Web-like search fields for all data. Searches partial words.

•Sorting by all columns

•Foreign language support

•Event and user change history for all items: cards, devices, schedules, etc. always available for each item at your fingertips.

•Ability to stay on the same screen when switching among Partitions makes multiple site support much easier and efficient.

•Strong password enforcement

•Ability for users to change their own forgotten and expired passwords

•Protection against too many unsuccessful login attempts

•Penetration tested application.

Mobile support

•User interface automatically adapts for use on all devices and all mobile platforms

•The entire application is provided on all platforms, no separate app is required

•Automatically works as new mobile devices and mobile OS updates are released by manufacturers without requiring updates by using HTML5 web standards.

•Dynamic pages using push notifications and other features normally only found in desktop applications, such as ability to get data in the background and update partial areas of the screen (i.e. not loading web pages).

•Much faster and more responsive than traditional web applications.

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